Artiesten met een T

The Ambrosia Effect
The Ambrosian Singers
The Ambulance
The AMC Orchestra
The Amen Choir
The American Analog Set
The American Band of the Allied Expeditionary Force
The American Band of the Supreme Allied Command
The American Boychoir
The American Breed
The American Buffalo
The American Frontier
The American Hotel System
The American Plague
The American Scene
The American Storytellers
The American Theatre Orchestra
The Americanos
The Americans
The Americojones Experience
The Ames Brothers
The Amethyst
The Amish Heaters
The Amity Affliction
The Amixers
The Ammy
The Amnesiacs
The amnesiacs & the amnesiacs
The Amorphous Band
The Amorphous Strums
The Ampersands
The Amplifetes
The Amps
The Anachronisms
The Anachronistics
The Anaconda Vampire Bats
The Analog Girl
The Analogs
The Ananda Project
The Anarchy
The Anastomoses
The Anatol
The Anatomy Of
The Ancestry Program
The Anchor
The Anchoress
The Anchorites
The Ancient Moons
The Ancient Novelties
The Ancient Robotz
The Ancient Unknown
The And/Ors
The Andantes
The Anderson
The Anderson Council
The Andrè
The André Previn Trio
The Andrea True Connection
The Andrew Oldham Orchestra
The Andrews Sisters
The Andrews Surfers
The Androids
The Andromeda Project
The Andrzejs
The Angel Choir
The Angel City Brass
The Angel Like Expression
The Angel Whispers
The Angelic Gospel Singers
The Angelica Quartet
The Angellik
The Angels
The Anger
The Angiosperms
The Angry Hippies
The Angry Kids
The Angry Lisas
The Animal Party
The Animal Warfare Act
The Animalhouse
The Animals
The Animals II
The Animist
The Anita Kerr Quartet
The Anita Kerr Singers
The Anix
The Anmer
The Anna Maze
The Anniversary
The Anointed Disciples
The Anointed Pace Sisters
The Anonymous
The Anonymous Chronicles
The Anonymous Donkey
The Anonymous Experiment
The Anonymous Muso
The Anonymous One
The Anorexic Olsen Twin
The Answer