Artiesten met een T

The Residents
The Residuals
The Resistance Company
The Resolutions of the Pudding Eating Dinosaurs
The Resolvers
The Resonance
The Resonars
The Resort
The Respire
The Response
The Rest Is History
The Rest Of Us
The Restarts
The Restatements
The Restless
The Restless Age
The Restless Sleeper
The Restricted
The Resurrection
The Retaliators
The Retrieval
The Retro Shift
The Retrosic
The Retrospect
The Retrospecter
The Retsej
The Return
The Return of Jimmy V
The Returned
The Returners
The Retuses
The Reuben Brothers
The Reunion
The Reunion Club
The Reunion Legacy Band
The Reunion Show
The Revanchists
The Revangels
The Reveal
The Revel
The Revel Abstract
The Revelations
The Revelations
The Revelator
The Revelers
The Revels
The Revels Chorus
The Revenants
The Revenents
The Revenge
The Revenge
The Reverend
The Reverend Devin Disco
The Reverend Horton Heat
The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band
The Reverendos
The Reverends with Piero Monterisi
The Reverent
The Reverent Marigold
The Reverse Engineers
The Revies
The Revisit Project
The Revival
The Revival Preachers
The Revival Project
The Revivalists
The Revived
The Revived Collective
The Revoir
The Revoltz
The Revolution
The Revolution Boyz
The Revolution Duo
The Revolution Smile
The Revolutionaries
The Revolvers
The Revoors
The Rewlettes
The rey
The Reyers
The Reyko 593
The reynolds girls
The Reyson
The Rezillos
The Reztones
The Rhapsodist
The Rhetorician
The Rhodes
The Rhymes
The Rhythm Bullies
The Rhythm Coffin
The Rhythm Fires
The Rhythm Kartel
The Rhythm Kings
The Rhythm Orchids
The Rhythm Party
The Rhythm Rangers
The Rhythm Rascals