Artiesten met een T

The Ballroom Band
The Bamboo Boat Band
The Bamboo Team
The Bamboos
The Banana Splits
The Band
The Band AKA
The Band Geek Mafia
The Band of Heathens
The Band of the Black Watch
The Band of the Blues and Royals
The Band of the Brigade of Gurkhas
The Band of the Prince of Wales's Division
The Band of the Royal Air Force College
The band perry
The Band V
The Band W
The Bandits
The Bandits
The Bando Carioca
The Bang Gang Deejays
The Bangles
The Bangs
The Banjo Kings
The Bankers
The Banner
The Bar?Kays
The Barbara Carroll Trio
The Barbie Connection
The Barden Bellas
The Barking Dogs
The Barlow Group
The Barnes Family
The Baron von Aphid
The Barons
The Barr Brothers
The Barracudas
The Barrel Club
The Barrett Sisters
The Barrio Boyzz
The Barry Sea Paradox
The Barry Sisters
The Baseballs
The Basement Boys
The Basement Wall
The Basie Bunch
The Bastard Sons of Dioniso
The Batch
The Bates
The Bats
The Baubles
The Bay Boys
The Bay Brothers
The Bayleys
The Bayou Liberty Jazz Band
The BBC Dance Orchestra
The BBC Orchestra
The Be Bop Boys
The Be Good Tanyas
The Beach Boys
The Beach Lounge Project
The Beane Family
the Bear
The Bears
The Beat
The Beat Brothers
The Beat Daddys
The Beat Shakers
The Beat Street Band
The Beatards
The Beatings
The Beatles
The Beatles Revival Band
The Beatles Tribute Project
The Beatlesons
The Beatnuts
The Beau Brummels
The Beau Hunks
The Beau Marks