Artiesten met een T

The Bottles Band
The Bottom
The Bottom Blues
The Bottom Dollars
The Bottom Line
The Bottom of the Barrel
The Boulevard
The Boulevard Big Band
The Bouncing Souls
The Bouncing Titties
The Bouncing Titties & DePailots
The Bounties
The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir
The Bourbons
The Bowdashes
The Bowline Brothers Band
The Bowlingklots
The Bowlingotter Show
The Bowls
The Bowman
The Bowmans
The Box
THE BOX (Brasil)
The Box Fans
The Box Music
The Box packers
The Box Tops
The Box Turtles
The Boxer Rebellion
The Boxers
The Boxmasters
The Boxx Orchestra
The Boy
The Boy B Eazy
The Boy Below
The Boy Boy
The Boy Detective
The Boy from Blue City
The Boy From Space
The Boy from the South
The Boy Illinois
The Boy Least Likely To
The Boy Next Door
The Boy Scouts of America
The Boy Seth
The Boy The G
The boy upstairs
The Boy Who Spoke Clouds
The Boyboy West Coast
The boyfriend
The Boyfriends
The Boygirlfriends
The Boys
The Boys Choir of Harlem
The Boys Next Door
The Boys of the Isle
The Boys Star Library
The Boys Town Choir
The boys you desire
The Boyz
The Boyz from Brazil
The Boyz of Dawn
The Boyz With Ice
The Bozwellz
The BpBoy
The Brackets
The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra
The Bradipos Four
The Bradley
The Brady Bunch
The Brahms
The Braida
The Braids
The Brain
The Brain Cell
The Brain Cloud
The Brain Company
The Brain Connection
The Brain Rage
The Braindrops
The Brainiacs
The Brains
The Brake Lights
The Brakes
The Bramantes
The Brambles
The Branches (MN)
The Brand New Heavies
The Brandell
The Brandino Extravaganza
The Brandys
The Branford Marsalis Quartet
The Bras
The Brasil Singers
The Brass
The Brass Connection
The Brass Notes
The Brass Pennies
The Brass Ring