Artiesten met een T

The Ballet Brigade
The Balloon Hoax
The Balloon Men
The Ballroom Band
The Ballroom Black
The Ballroom Thieves
The Baltics
The Bam
The Bamboo
The Bamboo Boat Band
The Bamboo Team
The Bamboos
The Bamboozlers
The Banana Splits
The Bananamen
The Bancrofts
The Band
The Band AKA
The band apart
The Band at Hand
The Band Benny
The Band Big Spring
The Band Called Fuse
The Band Clueless
The Band Deer
The Band Dommo
The Band Doug
The Band Geek Mafia
The Band Hangman
The Band Hannah
The Band Ice Cream
The Band Karolina
The Band Laredo
The Band LeLe
The Band Lemon
The Band Melrose
The Band Named Dave
The Band of Brothas
The Band of Heathens
The Band of the Black Watch
The Band of the Blues and Royals
The Band of the Brigade of Gurkhas
The Band of the Prince of Wales's Division
The Band of the Royal Air Force College
The band perry
The Band Project
The Band Rafters
The Band Repent
The Band Rona
The Band Sleepwalker
The Band Strom
The Band That Drips Blood
The Band V
The Band Vernie
The Band W
The Band Wanted
The Banded Ducks
The Bandeet
The Bandit
The Bandit Boy
The Bandits
The Bandits
The Bando Carioca
The Banery
The Bang Gang Deejays
The Bangalore Sound Project
The Bangkok Five
The Bangladesh Project, Anonamas
The Bangles
The Bangover
The Bangs
The Banishment
The Banisters
The Banjo Kings
The Bank Cormorants
The Bank Notes
The Banka
The Banner
The Banner Days
The Banqo Gang
The Bantams
The Bantus
The Bar Stool Preachers
The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican & Maartin Allcock
THE BAR-Vengers
The Bar?Kays
The Barba
The Barbaliens Band
The Barbaloots
The Barbara Carroll Trio
The Barbarellatones
The Barbaric Yawps
The Barber
The Barbie Connection
The Barceló Brothers
The Barcode Bandits
The Bard