Artiesten met een T

The Song Swappers
The Song Trust
The Songaminute Man
The Songbirds
The Songs of Norman Price
The Sonic Flowers
The Sonic Rays
The Sonic Taste
The Sonics
The Sons of Blues
The Sons of Champlin
The Sons of God
The Sons of the Pioneers
The Sookie All Stars
The Sooper Swag Project
The Sophies
The Sophisticated Psychos
The Sopwith Camel
The Sore Losers
The Sorentinos
The Sorority
The Sorrows
The Sotto Voce Trio
The Soul
The Soul Brothers
The Soul Brothers
The Soul Children
The Soul Clan
The Soul Masters
The Soul Mission
The Soul of John Black
The Soul Rays
The Soul Rebels
The Soul Searchers
The Soul Seekers
The Soul Session
The Soul-Shine Sistas
The Soul Sisters
The Soul Stirrers
The Soul Survivors
The Soulbenders
The Soulettes
The Soulless Architect
The Souls
The Souls of Freedom
The Soulsations
The Soultans
The Sound
The Sound Bombers
The Sound Kidd
The Sound Ninja
The Sound Of Animals Fighting
The Sound of Arrows
The Sound of Climate Justice
The Sound of Machines
The Sound of Modesty
The Sound of Monday
The Sound Of Music
The sound of music nederland 08/09
The Sound Of Music (nederlands)
The Sound of Philadelphia
The Sound Of Urchin
The Sound Poets
The Sound Principle
The sounds
The Sounds of Romance
The Sounds of Tomorrow
The Soundtrack of Our Lives
The Soup Dragons
The Source
The South African Choir
The South African Youth Choir
The Southcoasters
The Southern Ocean Sea Band
The Southland Six
The Southlanders
The Soviet Machines
The Soviettes
The Soweto Gospel Choir
The Soweto Memorial Choir
The Sowing Season
The Space Brothers
The Space Machine
The Space Negros
The Space Ocean
The Spaceage Polymers
The Spaceman: Chaos
The Spaceman Trilogy
The Spaceship of the Imagination
The Spacies
The Spades
The Spaniels
The Spanish Salsa Connection
The Spare Keys
The Sparkle Girls
The Sparklers
The Sparkletones
The Sparrow Quartet
The Spazzys