Artiesten met een T

The East River Riders
The East Texas Boys
The East Village Opera Company
The Eastsiders
The Easy Riders
The Easy Tigers
The Easy Virtue Orchestra & Andy Caine
The Easybeats
The Eaton Canyon Royal Ensemble
The Ebonaires
The Ebonys
The Eccentric Opera
The Echo-Friendly
The Echocentrics
The Echoes
The Echoing Green
The Echos
The Eclectophonics Jazz Ensemble
The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa
The Ed Sons
The Eddie Metz Jr. Trio
The Eddy
The Eden House
The Edgar Winter Group
The Edge
The Edge of Paradise
The Edlos
The Edsels
The Educators
The Edwin Hawkins Singers
The Effengee's
The Effex
The Egg
The El Dorados
The El Sierros
The El Venos
The Elderberries
The Elders
The Eldorados
The Elected
The Electric Blues Company
The Electric Eels
The Electric Prunes
The Electric Soft Parade
The Electric Tailgate Band
The Electrics
The Electronic Anthology Project
The Elegants
The Elephant Elevator Operator
The Eleventh Hour
The Elgins
The Eliminators
The Ellington All Stars
The Ellingtonians
The Elliot Project
The Elms
The Elvin Jones Jazz Machine
The Elwins
The Embarrassment
The Embassy
The Embers
The Emeralds
The Emergency Crew
The Emmons Sisters
The Emotions
The Empire
The Empyrean
The Encounters
The End
The Endless Line
The Enemies
The Enemy
The Enflamed
The Enforcers
The Engine Room
The English Beat
The Englishmen
The Enhancer
The Enid
The Ensemble
The Entire Universe
The Entrance Band
The Envy
The EP's
The Episodes
The Epoxies
The Equals
The Equitables/Sil McIntosh
The Eraserheads
The Erectrons
The Ergs
The Eric Burdon Band
The Eric Byrd Trio
The Eric Mintel Quartet
The Eric Rogers Orchestra
The Ernies
The Erratic Retaliator Strategy
The erreway
The Escape Club
The Escaped