Artiesten met een T

The Ruse
The Russ Bergquist Project
The Russ Martin Ensemble
The Russell Garcia Orchestra
The Russells
The Russian Futurists
The Rust Belt Brigade
The Rusty Chain Band
The Rusty Wright Band
The Ruta Beggars
The Rutabega
The Rutles
The Ruts
The Ruu
The Ryan English
The Ryan Ray
The Ryde
The Rydell High Singers
The Ryderz
The Ryl
The Rylans
The RYP Band
The S-Bends
The S.A.M. "Simulation Around Me"
The S.F.Y. Philarmonic Orchestra & Choir
The S.L.P.
The S.L.P.
The S.O.S
The S.O.S. Band
The S.O.S. Band
The S.P.Joy
The S.T.O.P. Movement
The Sacados
The Sachal Ensemble
The Sacks
The Sacred Heart Church Choir Edinburgh
The Sacred Places
The Sacred Shakers
The Sacrifice Project
The Sad Boy Project
The Sad Mafioso
The Sad Mall
The Sadbeast
The Saddest Blue
The Saddle Club
The Saddle Kings
The Saddleblasters
The Sadies
The Sadists
The Safaris
The Safest Ledge
The Safety Fire
The Safety Meeting
The Safety Word
The Sagacious Traveler
The Sagans
The Sage
The Sage Clique
The Sages
The Sahej Project
The Saint
The Saint Alvia Cartel
The Saint and The Sinner
The Saint Crown
The saint joker
The Saint Swagger
The Sainte Catherines
The Saints
The Saints of Jesus Christ, Saint Carlos & Saint Cristhian
The Saiyan God
The SaKe
The Salads
The Salaz
The Salesman
The Salles
The Sally Cats
The Sallyangie
The Salsa Boys
The Salsa Punk Orchestra
The Salsoul Orchestra
The Salt Water Taffy
The Salt Water Windows
The Salteens
The Salts
The Salty Suites
The Salvaged Mind
The Salvation Army Band And Choir
The Salvation Army New York Staff Band
The Salvation Project
The Sam Jones
The Sam Willows
The Same As Always
The Same Old Fears
The SameOlds