Artiesten met een T

The Rivieras
The Rivileers
The Rivingtons
The Road Hammers
The Roadrunners
The Rob Mathes Voices
The Robertsons
The Robin Hood Band
The Robins
The Robot Ate Me
The Roc Project
The Rocco John Group
The Roches
The Rock
The Rock Hall Jam Band
The Rock of Ages Movie Band
The Rock of Central Florida
The Rock Steady Crew
The Rock*A*Teens
The Rockers
The Rocket Summer
The Rockets
The Rockfords
The Rockin' Berries
The Rockin' Highliners
The Rockin' Ramrods
The Rockin' Rebels
The Rockin' Vickers
The Rocking Chairs
The Rockmelons
The Rockwells
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Rods
The Rogue Element
The Rogues
The Roka-Billys
The Rokes
The Rolling Clones
The Rolling Coyotes
The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Thunder Revue
The Rolls
The Romancers
The Romanovs
The Romantic Strings
The Romantic Strings and Orchestra
The Romantics
The Romeos
The Ron Hicklin Singers
The Ronelles
The rones
The Ronettes
The Rookies
The Rooks
The Room Mates
The Roomates
The Roost
The Roots
The Ropes
The Rose
The Rose Chronicles
The Rosebuds
The Rosenberg Trio
The Rosette Gospel Singers
The Rosettes
The Rough Cuts
The Roulettes
The Rovers
The Royal City Band
The Royal Concept
The Royal Guard Horns
The Royal Guardsmen
The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra
The Royal Royal
The Royal Singers
The Royal Teens
The Royalettes
The Royals