Artiesten met een T

The Riptide
The Risen Dread
The Rish
The Rishi Rich Project
The Rising
The Rising Pints
The Rising Storm
The Rising Sun
The Rising Tide
The Rising Waters
The Rita Williams Singers
The Ritchie Family
The Rite of Spring
The Ritz
The Ritzy Kids
The Rival Cycle
The River
The River City Six
The River Miles
The River South
The River Stasis
The River Versus
The River Vicarious
The Riverbend Conspiracy
The Riverbreaks
The Riverdales
The Riverside Walkers
The Rivieras
The Rivileers
The Rivingtons
The Rizz
The Road Hammers
The Roadrunners
The Roadside Bandits Project
The RoadTrash Band
The ROAMies
The Roar
The Roaring Cadillacs
The Roaring Juniors
The Rob Mathes Voices
The Robbie Gennet Band
The Robe
The Robertsons
The Robin Hood Band
The Robins
The Robinsons
The Robo
The Robo & Hayal Köseoğlu
The Robot Ate Me
The Robot Bonfire
The Robot League
The Robot Uprising
The Roc Project
The Rocco John Group
The Roches
The Rock
The Rock*A*Teens
The Rock Chap
The Rock Hall Jam Band
The Rock Heroes
The Rock of Ages Movie Band
The Rock of Central Florida
The Rock Out
The Rock Steady Crew
The Rockers
The Rocket
The Rocket Dolls
The Rocket Summer
The Rocketboys
The Rocketeers
The Rocketman & 3rd dale universe
The Rockets
The Rockfords
The Rockin' Berries
The Rockin' Ramrods
The Rockin' Rebels
The Rockin' Vickers
The Rocking Chairs
The Rockmelons
The Rockmen
The Rockower Frintz
The Rockpins
The Rockstar Cat
The Rockwells
The Rocky Bay Midnights
The Rocky Fellers
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Rocky Horror Show Original Cast
The Rocky Lott Band
The Rocky Road Ramblers
The Rod of God
The Rodolfus Choir
The Rodry Oficial
The Rods
The Röse Parade
The Rogers Sisters
THE Rogue
The Rogue Element