Artiesten met een T

The Traceelords
The Track Record
The Tracks
The Tractors
The Tradewinds
The Tragically Hip
The Trahms Sisters
The Trammps
The Tramps
The Trap Choir
The Trapp Family
The Trappistines
The Trash Can Sinatras
The Trash Mermaids
The Trashmen
The Traveling Wilburys
The Travellers
The Treasures
The Treblemakers
The Tree
The Trees
The Treliks
The Tremble Kids
The Tremblers
The Tremeloes
The Tremolo Beer Gut
The Tremors
The Trenchcoats
The Trends
The Treniers
The Treorchy Male Voice Choir
The Trews
The Tri-City Singers
The Tri-Five
The Triads
The Tribe
The Tribute Band
The Tribute Choir
The Triffids
The Trigger Hounds
The Trio
The Trio
The Triplets
The Triplett Twins
The Tripps
The Tritons
The Triumphs
The Troggs
The Trolls
The Trophies
The Tropicals
The Troys
The Truants
The True Brother
The Trumpet Man
The Trust Fund Kids
The Truth
The Truth
The Truth Tale
The Trybe
The Trypes
The Tubby Hayes Quartet
The Tubes
The Tuesday Night Band
The Tuesdays
The Tufts Beelzebubs
The Tulsa Tops
The Tune Weavers
The Tunes
The Turbans
The Turbo A.C.'s
The Turning
The Turnouts
The Turtle Project
The Turtles
The Twang
The Twangbangers
The Twelves
The Twilight Orchestra
The Twilight Sad
The Twilight Singers
The Twilights
The Twiliters
The Twin City Playboys
The Twins
The Twinz
The Twisted Brown Trucker
The Twisters
The Two-Bit Terribles
The Two of Us
The Twylight Zones
The Tymes
The Tyrants in Therapy
The U-Liners
The U.M.C.'s
The Ugly
The Ugly Americans
The Ugly's
The Ultimate Bearhug
The Ultimate Heroes