Artiesten met een T

The Viking Program
The Viking Truckers
The Viles
The Vilified
The Villa
The Village
The Village Boy
The Village Church
The Village Music Collective Project
The Village People
The Village Singers
The Village Stompers
The Villain
The Villain Ocj
The Villaineers
The Villainous Fellowship
The Villaintinos
The Ville
The Villebillies
The Vim Vigors
The Vince Lewis Quartet
The Vince Lewis Trio
The Vincent Black Shadow
The Vinci
The Vincis
The Vindicated Gentlemen
The Vindictives
The Vindys
The Vine Tree & Hank $weets & Point Doom
The Vinelanders
The Vines
The Vineyard Sound
The Vineyard Vendetta
The Vineyards
Thế Vĩnh
The Vint
The Vintage Caravan
The Vinyl Faces
The Vinyl Fridays
The Vinyl Kid
The Violators
The Violent
The Violent Free Peace
The Violent Inzident
The Violent Relaxtion Band
The Violent Years
The Violent Youth
The Violet Archers
The Violet Burning
The Violet Chimes
The Violet Cyanide
The Violet Exploit
The Violet Hours
The Violet Nines
The Violet Root
The Violet Signs
The Violet Stones
The Violet Violence
The Viper & His Famous Orchestra
The Vipers
The Vipers Skiffle Group
The Vipin Mishra Project
The Viral Vlogs
The Viretta Saints
The Virgin
The Virgin Jerry
The Virgin Mandy
The Virgin Spirit
The Virgin Zombies
The Virginia Valley
The Virginmarys
The Virgins
The Viriats
The Virtual Few
The Virtues
The Virus
The Virus Bruh
The Visceral Vigilant
The Viscounts
The Vision Ablaze
The Vision Bleak
The Vision of a Dying World
The Visions
The Visions I Have
The Visioon
The Visitor
The Visitors
The Vista
The Vistanauts
The Visual
The Vitals Family Band
The Vitaphone Orchestra
The Vito Movement
The Vivek
The Vivian Perry Quartet
The Vivid
The Vivid Moxie
The Vivid Project
The Vivien Leigh Documentary
The Vivino Brothers