Artiesten met een T

The long winters
The Long Year
The Longcut
The Longest Johns
The Longest Monday
The Longhaulers
The Longing
The Look
The Look Was The S
The Lookout Service
The Lookouts
The Looneys
The Loop Hole
The Loose Bends
The Loose Fits
The Lorbank Collective
The Lords
The Lords of Altamont
The Lords of the New Church
The Lore Dogs
The Losers Club
The Loserz Club
The Loserz Club and Band Boyz
The Losing Hope
The Losing Score
The Lost
The Lost and Found
The Lost Architect
The Lost Boys
The Lost Boyz
The Lost Brothers
The Lost Cause
The Lost Children of Babylon
The Lost Chords
The Lost City
The Lost City of Troy
The Lost Connection
The Lost Cycle
The Lost Dogs
The Lost Fingers
The Lost & Found
The Lost & Found Workshop
The Lost Generation
The Lost Heads Club
The Lost Knights
The Lost Martian
The Lost Nites
The Lost Noise
The Lost Order
The Lost Patrol
The Lost Patrol Band
The Lost Sinners
The Lost Souls
The Lost Steps
The Lost Symbols
The Lost Tapes
The Lost Toddlers
The Lost Tracks
The Lost Trailers
The Lost Tribe
The Lost Weekend
The Lots
The Lotus Eaters
The Lotus Temple
The Lou Baxter Project
The Loud Soft Loud
The Loudpack
The Lounge Brigade
The Lounge Lovers
The Lounge-O-Leers
The Loungeabillies
The Lourdes
The Louvin Brothers
The Love 4tet
The Love Below
The Love Bite
The Love Buzz
The Love Dolphin Project
The Love Elektrik
The Love Exchange
The Love Fellowship Choir
The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir
The Love Gamblers
The Love Grocer
The Love Language
The Love Me Do's
The Love People
The Love Sponge Strings
The Love Tectonic
The Love X Nowhere
The Loveable Rogues
The Loved and Lost
The Loved Ones
The Loveforce Collective
The Lovelites
The Lovelocks
The Lovely Soladae
The Lovely Void
The Lovemakers