Artiesten met een T

The Sammuels
The Samoors
The Samphires
The Samples
The Sampson Brothers
The Sams
The Samu
The Samuel Irvin Project
The San Antones
The San Jose Community Choir
The San Jose Sharts
The San Miguel Master Chorale
The San Remo Golden Strings
The Sana Band
The Sanctified Soul
The Sanctions
The Sancturian
The Sand Band
The Sand Spiders
The Sandals
The Sandemans
The Sandman
The Sandmen
The Sandole Brothers
The Sandpebbles
The Sandpipers
The Sands of Time
The Sandsacks
The Sandspits
The Sandspits & Lucas Erickson & Jack Vitek
The Sane
The Sanford-Townsend Band
The Santa Monica Flyers
The Santairs
The Santana Brothers
The Santi RA
The Sape, Lo Zinga
The Saplings
The Sapphires
The Sapsausjes
The Sarafonics
The Sarah McLachlan Music Outreach Children's Choir and Youth Choir
The Sarandons
The Sarcastix
The sarco
The Sarrkoo
The Sasha
The Saskies
The Sassers
The Sassy Islanders
The Sat Nam Sessions
The Satchel Kid
The Satellite Station
The Satin Doll Trio
The Satin Tones
The Satineers
The Satintones
The Satisfiers
The Saturday Guy
The Saturday Night Live Band
The Saturday Tea
The Saturdays
The Saturn Farmhouse
The Saturn Sound
The Satyug
The Sauce Daddy
The Sausage Factory Singers
The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra
The Savage Factory
The Savage Family & Bry-Han Solo
The Savage Patch Kidds
The Savage Rose
The Savages
The Savants of Soul
The SaveStreet Boyz
The Saving Pointe
The Savman
The Savoy Sultans
The Savoy Swing Band
The Saw Doctors
The Saxophones
The Sayers
The Scabs
The Scaffold
The Scale
The Scales of Self Flight
The Scam Likely Band
The Scandi
The Scapes
The Scaramanga Six
The Scarlet Opera
The Scarlet Project
The Scarlet Queen
The Scarlet Vamps
The Scarlets
The Scary Gang
The Scary Jokes
The Scatterbees
The Scatterguns