Artiesten met een T

The Brat Pack
The Bratislava Symphony Orchestra
The Brave
The Brave Faces
The Bravery
The Brawner Brothers
The Braxton Brothers
The Braxtons
The Brazen Youth
The Brazilian Gentleman
The Breadheads
The Break
The Break and Repair Method
The Break Lights
The Breakaways
The Breakers
The Breakfast Menu
The Breaks
The Breaks The Beat
The Breakwaves
The Breathing Process
The Brecon Brothers
The Breeders
The Brendan Hines
The Brendon Consort
The Brent Fischer Orchestra
The Brentwood Baptist Church Choir
The Brett Rosenberg Problem
The Brevet
The Brew
The Brewin'
The Bri
The Brian Derek Trio
The Brian J. White Quartet
The Brian Jonestown Massacre
The Brian Lemon Trio
The Brian Setzer Orchestra
The Bride Wore Black
The Bridge
The Bridges
The Briefs
The Briggs
The Brighouse & Rastrick Band
The Bright Light Social Hour
The Bright Shining Eyes
The Bright Siders
The Brighterside
The Brightest
The Brightwings
The Briks
The Brilliant Green
The Brilliant Things
The Brink
The Bristol Ensemble
The Bristols
The British Pop Band
The Brkn
The Broadway Kids
The Broadway Performers
The Broadway Singers
The Broadway Theatre Players
The Broadway Twisters
The Broadways
The Brobdingnagian Bards
The Brobecks
The Brodcast
The Brodsky Quartet
The Broken Between
The Broken Bunch
The Broken E Strings
The Broken Family Band
The Broken Fox
The Broken Knife
The Broken Remotes
The Broken Tones
The Broken View
The Brokenmusicbox
The Brokeoffs
The Brokerage Firm
The Bronx
The Bronx Casket Co.
The Bronze Medal
The Brook Brothers
The Brooklyn Boy Band
The Brooklyn Sax Quartet
The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
The Bros.
The Bros. Landreth
The Brosas
The BroSis
The Brother Brothers
The Brother Jack McDuff Quartet
The Brother Jonathan
The Brother K Melee
The Brotherhood & Co.
The Brothers
The Brothers Bright
The Brothers Cazimero
The Brothers Four