Artiesten met een T

The Funsong Band
The Fureys
The Furious Five
The Furry's
The Furys
The Future
The Future Sound of London
The Futureheads
The Futures
The Futuristic Polar Bears
The Fuxedos
The Fuzz
The Fuzztones
The Fyrebirds
The G-Clefs
The G-Man
The G3 Jam
The Gabe Dixon Band
The Gadd Gang
The Gadjits
The Gadler Brothers
The Gaffere Group
The Galaxies
The Galaxy
The Gales Brothers
The Gallahads
The Galway Christmas Singers
The Game
The Gamits
The Ganberry Singers
The Gandharvas
The Gants
The Gap Band
The Gardener
The Garlics
The Gaslight Anthem
The Gaslights
The Gatemen
The Gatherers
The Gathering
The Gaylads
The Gaylettes
The Gaylords
The Gaytones
The Gazette
The GC5
The Geezinslaws
The Gemini Duo
The Gene Page Orchestra
The Generals
The Generators
The Generic Brand
The Generiks
The Genial Hawaiians
The Genie
The Genie Girls
The Genius
The Gentle Rain
The Gentle Waves
The Gentlemen
The Gentrys
The Gents
The Geoff Love Singers
The George Barnes Quartet
The George Benson Quartet
The George Ellis Orchestra
The George Lewis Band
The George Shearing Quintet
The George Washingmachine Quartet
The Georgia All-Stars
The Georgia Browns
The Georgia Mass Choir
The Georgia Satellites
The Georgians
The Geraldine Fibbers
The Germs
The Gerry Mulligan Trio
The Gerrys
The Gestures
The Get Down Brothers