Artiesten met een T

The Lumineers
The Lumzys
The Lundell Brothers
The Luniz
The Lustre Kings
The Lyn Murray Singers
The Lyndsay Diaries
The Lynne Arriale Trio
The Lyttle Sisters
The M Machine
The M Squad
The Mac
The Mac Band Featuring the McCampbell Brothers
The Macarena Men
The Macc Lads
The Maccabees
The MacDonald Bros.
The Machine for Making Sense
The Mackenzie
The Mad Hatter
The Mad Hatters
The Mad Lads
the Mad Stuntman
The Madd
The Madd Rapper
The Madden Brothers
The Maddox Brothers
The Maddox Brothers & Rose
The Madness
The Mae Shi
The Magic
The Magic Band
The Magic City Jazz Band
The Magic Gang
The magic numbers
The Magic Time Travelers
The magical flying thunderbirds
The Magical Kingdom
The Magical Singers
The Magician
The Magick Brothers
The Magnetic Fields
The Magnetic Zeros
The Magnets
The Magnificent
The Magnificent 7
The Magnificent Mercury Brothers
The Magnificent Seven
The Magnificent Sevenths
The Magnificent VII
The Magokoro Brothers
The Mahones
The Main Ingredient
The Maine
The Mainstreeters
The Majestic Twelve
The Majors
The Makaha Sons
The Make-Up
The Malibus
The Maloy Brothers
The Mamas & Papas
The Mamas & the Papas
The Mamas & The Papas
The Mammals
The Management
The Manatees
The Mancini Pops Orchestra
The Manfreds
The Manhattan Skyline Quartet
The Manhattan Transfer
The Manhattans
The Manny Jazz All-Stars
The Manor
The Mantini Sisters
The Mantovani Orchestra
The Manvils
The Maple Blues Revue
The Maple Room
The Mar-Keys