Artiesten met een T

The Real Rare
The Real Roxanne
The Real Saif
The Real Slick Sticky
The Real Tak
The Real Taylor
The Real Thing
The Real Tsunami
The Real Tuesday Weld
The Real Us
The Real YC
The Real Young Swagg
The Real Yung LA
The Real Zebos
The Real Zeel
The Realist
The Realist G
The Reality of Yourself
The Realm
The Rear Admirals
The Reasn
The Reason
The Reason of It All
The Reason ZAR
The Reasons
The Rebel Bros.
The Rebel Rousers
The Rebel Soulz
The Rebel Wheel
The Recall
The Receiving End Of Sirens
The Recieving End Of Sirens
The Reckless
The Reckless Famous
The Reckless Few
The Reckless Nights
The Recluse
The Recognitions
The Record Company
The Record Summer
The Recordcrats
The Records
The Recovery System
The Recruits
The Recyclers
The Recyclists
The Red and the Black
The Red Army Choir
The Red Barons
The Red Budd Gospel Choir
The Red Chord
The Red City
The Red Disk
The Red Elvises
The Red Flannels
The Red Hot Chili Dogs
The Red Hot Chilli Pipers
The Red Hot Valentines
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
The Red Norvo Trio
The Red Onion Jazz Babies
The Red Onion Jazz Band
The Red Page
The Red Paintings
The Red Percussion
The Red Pony Clock (&Orchestra)
The Red Propeller Expedition Society
The red pulpy
The Red Riding Hood
The Red Rivers
The Red Road Ensemble
The Red Rock Hot Club
The Red Shift
The Red Skies
The Red Squares
The Red Stains
The Red Stick Ramblers
The Red Thread
The Red Tyger Church
The Red-Winged Glider Project
The Redberries
The Reddcoats
The Redeemed Band
The Redemption Song
The Reds
The Reducer
The Reducers
The Redundants
The Redwalls
The Redwine Trio
The Redwoods
The Reed & Okapogola
The Reedy Weeps
The Reeks
The Reekster
The Reel and Soul Association
The Reel Thing
The Reelists
The Reepz
The Reflections