Artiesten met een T

The Dent Act
The Departed
The Departure
The DePaul University Jazz Ensemble
The Dependence
The Dependent Clause
The Depression Club
The Depressionistas
The Derailers
The Derek Trucks Band
The Derelict
The Derelict Debits
The Derric Johnson Vocal Orchestra
The Derry Aires
The Descendant
The Describers
The Desert Cowboys
The Design
The Designs
The Desire Path
The Desires Band BD
The Deslondes
The Despair Collective
The Desperados
The Destinators
The Destroyed
The Destroyed Room
The Detergents
The Determinations
The Detours
The Detroit Cobras
The Detroit Emeralds
The Detroit Experiment
The Detroit Spinners
The Deuce Project
The Devastated
The Devastations
The Deviance
The Deviant
The Deviants
The Device
The Devil Dogs
The Devil Makes Three
The Devil Music Co.
The Devil Says Arlekino
The Devil Wears Nada
The Devil Wears Prada
The Devil's Anvil
The Devil's Blood
The DevilHead
The Devilin CIX
The Devils
The Devils Folk
The devils in the dark
The Devin Townsend Band
The Devlins
The Devotchkas
The Devoted Few
The Devoters
The Devotion
The Devouring
The Devyl Nellys
The Dex
The Dez
The Dharma Initiative
The Dharmas
The Di$trict & MIK35
The Diabels
The Diabolics
The Dialectic
The Dialogics
The Dials
The Diamonds
The Diary of M/M
The Diaspora
The Dibbles
The Dice
The Dick Jockeys
The Dickies
The Dictators
The Diegoso
The Diesel Ducks
The Diesels
The Difference Between
The Difference Engine
The Differential
The Diffs
The Dig
The Digital Age
The Digital Clock Towers
The Digital Orchestra
The Digital Realist
The Digital Story
The Digitalistas
The Dignitaries