Artiesten met een T

The RedMoone
The Reds
The Reducer
The Reducers
The Redundants
The Redwalls
The Redwine Trio
The Redwoods
The Reed & Okapogola
The Reedy Weeps
The Reeks
The Reekster
The Reel and Soul Association
The Reel Banditos
The Reel Esso
The Reel Thing
The Reelists
The Reepz
The Reflections
The Reflex
The Refrescos
The Refreshments
The Refugees
The Refusers
The Reg Trycankor Thing
The Regards
The Regents
The Regents: Opticon Awakens Cast
The Reggae Bubblers
The Reggaestra
The Reggister's
The Regime
The Regrettes
The Regulars
The Regulators
The Rehats
The Rehearsal
The Reign
The Reign of Kindo
The Reigning Sound
The Reindeer Section
The Reivers
The Rej3ctz
The Rejected
The Rejected Theatre
The Rejects Club
The Rejek
The Rekkening
The Reklaws
The Relatives
The Relativez
The Relax Band
The Relegation Zone
The Relentless
The Relic Souls
The Relics
The Remains
The Remakes
The Rembetika Hipsters
The Rembrandts
The Remedy
The Remingtons
The Remix Band
The Remnant
The Remnants
The Remnnt
The Remo Four
The Remote Viewers
The Renaissance
The Renaissance Man
The Renaissance Man, Boeyylee, LuNo Da ViNci
The Renaissance of Jingdezhen
The Renaissance Singers
The Reneaus
The Renegades
The Renegades of Poisonville
The Renfrees
The Rennisans
The Renovators
The Rent
The Rentals
The Rented Mules
The Renters
The Rentz
The Renunciate
The ReOrders
The Replacements
The Replicas
The Report
The Representativz
The Repressions
The Reprise Musical Repertory Theatre
The ReproJam Squad
The Reptiles
The Republic Tigers
The Republicats
The Rescued
The Rescues
The ReSett Project