Artiesten met een T

The Juan MacLean
The Jubilaires
The Jubilate Singers
The Jud Conlon Chorus
The Judasgoat
The Judds,
The JudyBats
The Juggernauts
The Juice
The Jukebox 4
The Jukks
The Juliana Theory
The Julie Ruin
The Juliet Dagger
The Jumpin' Joz Band
The June Spirit
The Jungle Band
The Jungle Book
The Junior Varsity
The JV All*Stars
The Kaleidoscope
The Kalin Twins
The Kandidate
The Kansas City 7
The Karaoke Channel
The Karaoke Crew
The Karaoke Machine
The Karkadens
The Karvasales
The Katie Sullivan Band
The Katinas
The Katydids
The Kaye Choir
The Kaye Sisters
The Kaze
The Keith Christmas Blues Band
The Keith Ingham Quartet
The Kelele Brothers
The Keller/Kocher Quartet
The Kelly Bowlin Band
The Kelly Brothers
The Kelly Family
The Kemist
The Ken Darby Choir
The Kendalls
The Kennedys
The Kenny Clarke & Francy Boland Sextet
The Kenny Clarke - Francy Boland Big Band
The Kenny Hadley Big Band
The Kentones
The Kentucky Colonels
The Kentucky Headhunters
The Kenyan Boys Choir
The Kerry Boys
The Kestrels
The Keystone Quartet
The Kiboomers
The Kick Horns
The Kickovers
The Kid Daytona
The Kids
The Kids Band
The Kids From Sesame Street
The Kidz Band
The Kilburns
The Kill
The Killarney Singers
The Killer
The Killer and the Star
The Killers
The Killjoys
The Kills
The Kindred
The Kinetic
The King
The King Blues
The King Brothers