Artiesten met een T

The Mighty Wah!
The MightyBeatZ
The Migil 5
The Mike Bon Gang
The Mike Curb Congregation
The Mike Eldred Trio
The Mike Flowers Pops
The Mike Garson Band
The Mike Grillo Sound
The Mike Hennessey Chastet
The Mike Owen Woodland Jazz Band
The Mike Sammes Singers
The Mike Wilson
The Mikes
The MikMaks
The Mikraj
The Mild Major
The Mild West
The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra
The Miles
The Milestones & Littler Leroy
The Milgram Protocol
The Military Orchestra of the Soviet Army
The Milk Carton Kids
The Milkers
The Milkman
The Milkmen
The Milkshakes
The Milky Way
The Millar Brass Ensemble
The Millennial
The Millennial Century y Andy Piermarini
The Millennial Club
The Millennial Club & Tori Romo
The Millennium
The Millennium Dance Party All-Stars
The Miller Music Project & Kristian Tierre
The Miller Orchestra
The Miller Sisters
The Millers
The Million Dollar Bashers
The Million Dollar Quartet
The Million Reasons
The Millionaires
The Mills
The Mills Brothers
The Mills Family
The Mime
The Minals
The Mind
The Mind Empire
The Mind Maps
The Mindbenders
The Minders
The Mindgrenade
The Minds of 99
The Minerals
The Miners
The Mini Projects
The Minions
The Minister of Soundalikes
The Ministers Church Choir
The Ministry of Science
The Minits
The Minivan
The Mink Brothers
The Minna Marlene Revue
The Minnesota Child
The Minor Thirds
The minorities
The Minstrel
The Minstrel Singers
The Mint
The Mint Chicks
The Mint Juleps
The Mints
The Minus 5
The Minute Hour
The Miracals
The Miracle League
The Miracles
The Mirage
The Mirandas
The Mirian
The Mirror
The Mirrored Self
The Mirza
The Mischievous
The Miscio
The misdeeds
The Miserable Genius
The Misery Co.
The Misery Men
The Misery Mire Drownings
The Misfeeds
The Misfit Souls
The Misfit Toys