Artiesten met een T

The Clientele
The Cliff Adams Singers
The Cliks
The Climax Chicago Blues Band
The Clinch Mountain Boys
The Clintons
The Clique
The Clock Tower
The Clockwork Angels String Ensemble
The CloneOfYou
The Cloud Hymn
The Cloud Room
The Clovers
The Clubmen
The Clumsy Lovers
The Clyde Valley Stompers
The Clydesiders
The Co-Dependents
The Co Founder
The Co-Operative
The Coachmen
The Coal Miners
The Coal Mountain Ramblers
The Coal Porters
The Coasters
The Coasts
The Coathangers
The Coats
The Coco Brothers
The Coconut
The Coconutz
The Code
The Coffin Nails
The Cokers
The Cole Brothers
The Colin Busby Big Swing Band
The Collaborators
The Collapsable Hearts Club
The Collective
The Collins Kids
The Color
The Color Fred
The Color Morale
The Color Nothing
The Color Turning
The Color Wild
The Colorful Quiet
The Colour
The Colour Field
The Colourist
The Colts
The Comas
The Comets
The Comfort
The Command All-Stars
The Commander Cody Band
The Commitments
The Committee
The Commodores
The Common Linnets
The Communards
The Companions
The Company
The Company
The Company Of Amateur Souls
The Company of Snakes
The Company Retreat
The Complex Dialect
The Comrades
The Comrads
The Comsat Angels
The Concretes
The Concussions
The Confederates
The Confession
The Confidentials
The Confusions
The Conga Kings
The Congregation
The Congregation of Vapors
The Congress of Wonders
The Connect
The Connecticut Yankees
The Connells
The Connie's Inn Orchestra
The Conquistadors
The Conscious Daughters
The Consequence
The Consolation
The Contemporary Youth Orchestra
The Contemporary Youth Orchestra of Cleveland
The Continental IV
The Contortionist
The Contours
The Controllers
The Controls
The Conway Brothers
The Conway Brothers Hiccups Orchestra
The Cook Trio