Artiesten met een T

The King Of Christmas
The King Singers Orchestra
The King Sisters
The King Snakes
The King's Division Normandy Band
The King's Men
The King's Singers
The King's Son
The Kingbees
The Kingdom Choir
The Kings
The Kings of Harmony
The Kings Of Jazz
The Kingsmen
The Kingston International Reggae All-Stars
The Kingston Trio
The King’s Men
The King’s Singers
The King’s Son
The Kinison
The Kinks
The Kirby Grips
The Kirkland Project
The Kisscats
The Kisslcats
The Kite String Tangle
The klaxons
The Klerks
The Klezmatics
The Klub Family
The Knack
The Knew
The Knickerbockers
The Knife
The Knitters
The Knocks
The Knux
The Kodabeats
The Kodaks
The Kolors
The Kominas
The Koobas
The Kooks
The Koreans
The Korgis
The Kossoy Sisters
The Krays
The Kreeg
The Kristet Utseende
The Krush
The Kry
The Kumars
The Kurstins
The Kurt Carr Singers
The L Project
The L.A. 4
The L.A. Multi School Jazz Band
The La De Das
The La Planta
The LA Reflection Section
The La's
The Lacs
The Laddins
The Lads
The Lady of Rage
The Ladybug Transistor
The Lafaros
The Lafontaines
The Lambrettas
The Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust
The Landau Orchestra
The Langley Schools Music Project
The Larkins
The Larks
The Lashes
The Lassie Foundation
The Last Artful, Dodgr
The Last Artful, Dodgr
The Last Bandoleros