Artiesten met een T

The Shelters
The Shelton Brothers
The Sheltons
The Shepherd Sisters
The Sheppards
The Sherman Brothers
The Sherman Williams Orchestra
The Sherwood Blues Band
The Shields
The Shin Sekaï
The Shining Light Gospel Choir
The Shins
The Shirelles
The Shires
The Shivers
The Shock Band
The Shocker
The Shocking Pinks
The Shoes
The Shore
The Shot
The Shouting Matches
The Shouts
The Showdown
The Showmen
The Showtime Orchestra and Singers
The Shrimp Attack Collective
The Shutdowns
The Shuteye Train
The Shys
The Sicilians
The Side Project
The Sidekicks
The Sidney Bechet Society
The Sights
The Sights & Sounds
The Sign
The Silence
The Silencers
The Silent Comedy
The Silhouettes
The Silkie
The Silos
The Silver
The Silver Beatles
The Silver Bullets
The Silver Convention
The Silver Pandas
The Silver Seas
The Silver Starlite Orchestra
The Silvertones
The Similou
The Simon Sisters (Lucy and Carly)
The Simpsons
The Sims Twins
The Sing a longs
The Sing Along Chorale
The Sing-a-long Superstars
The Sing-a-long Toddlers
The Sing-Off Contestants
The Singalongasong Band
The Singboks
The Singer Midgets
The Singers Unlimited
The Singing Dancing Lambs
The Singing Dogs
The Singing Kettle
The Singing Machine
The Singing Nun
The Singing Nuns
The Singletons
The Sins Of Thy Beloved
The Sir Douglas Band
The Sir Douglas Quintet
The Sir Finks
The Sireens
The Sirens
The Sisterhood
The Sisters
The Sisters Love