Artiesten met een T

The Darling Buds
The Darling Fire
The Darling Noise
The Darling Suns
The Darlings
The Darn
The Darph
The Darren Hawe Band
The Darren Holland Project
The Dartells
The DartFrogs
The Dartmouth Aires
The Dartmouth Cords
The Darts
The Darts (U.S.)
The Darvel
The Das Kaput
The Dash
The Dashing, Young, and Bold
The Data Waves
The Date
The Datsuns
The datura
The Daturas
The Daugherty McPartland Group
The Daughters of Jerusalem
The Dave Brubeck Quartet
The Dave Clark Five
The Dave Costa Trio
The Dave Cummings Band
The Dave Diamond Trio
The Dave Dodson Project
The Dave Freeland Group
The Dave Laib Project
The Dave Youngman Quartet
The Davenports
The David Bowie Knives
The David Broekman Orchestra
The David Grisman Bluegrass Experience
The David Koster Band
The David Liebman Group
The David Michael Thomas Band
The David Motel
The David Way
The David X Project
The Davies Brothers
The Davis Sisters
The Davis Way
The Dawdler
The Dawgz
The Dawn
The Dawn Drapes
The Dawn Fallacy
The Dawn Hunters
The Dawn of Everything
The Dawn of Sean
The Dawn Retreat
The Dawns
The Day After
The Day After Yesterday
The Day Choir
The Day Dreamers
The Day Goes
The Day Nine
The Day of the Beast
The Day We Confess
The Day We Left Earth
The Daybreakers
The Daybreaks
The Daydream Aesthetic
The Daydream District
The Daylight Burners
The Daylight Factory
The Daylight Savings and Loan
The Daylight Society
The Dayne
The Days Beneath Us
The Days of Tomorrow
The Days Off
The Dayshakers
The Daytime High
The Dayton Family
The Daytrippers
The Daze
The Dazed
The Dazees
The Dazies
The Dazy Chains
The Dazzlers
The dB's
The dB’s
The De Castro Sisters
The De Luca Brothers
The Deacon
The Deacons
The Dead 60s
The Dead Already
The Dead Amigos
The Dead Angels
The Dead Bedrooms