Artiesten met een T

The Hoolijak
The hoosiers
The Hooters
The Hooterville Honeys
The hope
The Hope 12
The Hope Blister
The Hope Collective
The Hope Conspiracy
The Hope Solos
The Hopefuls
The Hoppers
The Horace Silver Quintet
The Horizon
The Horn Dogs
The Horny Funk Brothers
The Horrible Crowes
The Horrorist
The Horrors
The Horrorscopes
The Horse Agrees
The Horses of the Gods
The Hospital Flowers
The host
The Hot 8 Brass Band
The Hot Babe Lovers
The Hot Band
The Hot Boys
The Hot Club of Cowtown
The Hot Club of San Francisco
The Hot Java Band
The Hot Java Dixieland Band
The Hot Knives
The Hot Lies
The Hot Party Band
The Hot Sardines
The Hot Shots
The Hot Shots Rhythm Club
The Hot Takes
The Hot Toddies
The Hotel Sessions
The Hotelier
The Hotlips
The Hotrats
The Hotrods
The Hotshots
The Houdini's
The Hound + The Fox
The houndog
The Hour Glass
The Hour Lilies
The Hourglass
The Hourhand
The Hourly Radio
The Hours
The Housatonic
The House
The House Atlantic
The House Avengers
The House Band
The House Flies
The House & Garage Orchestra
The House Jacks
The House of Love
The House of Wills
The House On Fire
The Housemartins
The Houserockers
The Houses (Where We Grew Up)
The Housewreckers
The How Do You Like Me Nows
The Howard Alden Quintet
The Howard Alden Trio
The Howard Beale Show
The Howl & The Hum
The Howlin' Wolf Band
The Howling Fog
The Howling Moon
The Howling Tongues
The Hoxtons
The HT Originals
The Hubbards
The Hudson Brothers
The Hudson Falcons
The Hues Corporation
The Hugeness
The Hula Honeys
The Hullaballoos
The Hum Drums
The Human Abstract
The Human Assembly
The Human Beinz
The Human Body
The Human Computers
The Human Experience
The Human Heart Beat
The Human Hurdings
The Human Kind
The Human League
The Human Output