Artiesten met een T

The CenturyMen
The Chain Gang
The Chain Gang of 1974
The Chainsmokers
The Chair
The Chairman
The Challengers
The Chamanas
The Chamber Academy Ensemble
The Chamber Orchestra of London
The Chambers Brothers
The Chameleon Project
The Chameleons UK
The Champs
The Chance
The Chandeliers
The Chandler Travis Philharmonic
The Changcuters
The Changes
The Channel 4 News Team
The Channels
The Chantays
The Chantels
The Chanters
The Chants
The Chaotic Neutral Bard
The Chapel Choir of Pembroke College
The Chaperones
The Chapin Sisters
The Chapmans
The Chapter
The Charade
The Charapaabs
The Charge Of The 7Th Cavalry
The Chariot
The Charioteers
The Charlatans
The Charlatans UK
The Charles Lloyd Quartet
The Charles River Valley Boys
The Charleston Chasers
The Charleston City All-Stars
The Charleston Kids
The Charlie Daniels Band
The Charlie Sizemore Band
The Charlotte Children's Choir
The Charlottes
The Charm
The Charm the Fury
The Charmers
The Charms
The Chart Hit Smashers
The Charts
The Charvel Twins
The Chase
The Chasm
The Chats
The Chavez Ravine
The Checkered Cabs
The Checkers
The Checkmates
The Checkmates, Ltd.
The Checks
The Cheeky Girls
The Cheers
The Cheetah Girls
The Cheetah Girls One World
The Chelsea Pensioners
The Chelsea Strings
The Chemical Brothers
The Chenille Sisters
The Cheserasera
The Chessmen
The Chestnut Brass Company
The Chevelles
The Chevin
The Chi-Lites
The Chicago Hitmen
The Chicago Jazz Ensemble
The Chicago Loopers
The Chicago Project
The Chicharones
The Chicken Skin Band
The Chicks
The Chieftains
The Chiffons
The Child of Lov
The Children
The Children of St. Philips School Cambridge
The Children's Christmas Chorus
The Children's Gift
The Chili Blues Band
The Chill-Out Orchestra
The Chill Out Vibes
The Chills
The Chimeras
The Chimes
The Chinkees
The Chipettes
The Chipmunks