Artiesten met een T

The HipHop Ninja
The Hipnecks
The Hippos
The Hippy Boys
The Hippycrites
The Hips
The HIRS Collective
The Hirsch Effekt
The Hiss
The Hissyfits
The History Boys
The Hit Band
The Hit Co.
The Hit Collective
The Hit Crew
The Hit Crew Kids
The Hit Girls
The Hit List
The Hit Parade Orchestra
The Hit the Bottle Boys
THE Hitch Lowke
The Hitchcocks
The Hitmen
The Hitters
The hives
The Hmms
The HMS Welding Accident
The Hoagies
The Hobbs Sisters
The Hobby
The Hoboken Four
The Hobos
The Hockey Night
The Hodge Council
The Hodges Brothers
The Hofners
The Hoggatt Project
The Hogstad Brothers & Shola Adisa-Farrar
The Hogtown Syncopators
The Hold Steady
The Holdfast
The Holdouts
The Holdup
The Holiday Jazz Band
The Holiday Symphony Orchestra
The Holidays
The Hollies
The Hollister Jean Lab
The Hollow
The Hollow Legs
The Hollow North
The Hollow Saints
The Hollow Truths
The Holloways
The Holly Springs Disaster
The Hollyridge Strings
The Hollywood Angels
The Hollywood Argyles
The Hollywood Blues Destroyers
The Hollywood Stars
The Holmes Bros.
The Holmes Brothers
The Holographic Children
The Holy
The Holy Cats Band
The Holy & Elmnt
The Holy Fools
The Holy Gardener
The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir
The Holy Karon
The Holy Knives
The Holy Kush
The Holy Mackerel
The Holy Misguided
The Holy Modal Rounders
The Holy Rollercoasters
The Holy Rollers
The Holy Roman Empire
The Holy Smokes
The Holy Veins
The Home Team
The Homecoming
The HomeGrown
The Homeless Ones
The Homeschooling Musician
The Homesteaders
The Homie Chill
The Homie Cool
The Homie Creeper
The Homie Manuel
The Homie Q
The Homie Teez
The Homobiles
The Hondells
The Honest
The Honest Envy
The Honest Poet
The Honey
The Honey Bunches