Artiesten met een T

The 3B's
The 3rd and the Mortal
The 3rd Element
The 3rd Gvrv
The 3rd Pyramid Band
The 4 Bars
The 4 Colorful Cuties
The 4 Most
The 4 Of Us
The 4 Tunes
The 4 Vesta
The 4-Skins
The 40 Acre Mule
The 408 Collective
The 409 Club
The 411
The 413s
The 42
The 420 Clovers
The 4269ner
The 42nd Street Singers
The 4411
THE 45
The 45 King
The 48Ks
The 49ers
The 4aith
The 4onthefloor
The 4th
The 4th & Von ZI
The 4th Man
The 4th Time Romance
The 5 Johns
The 5 Love
The 5 Satins
The 50 foot rabbit
The 50 Guitars
The 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett
The 500 Block
The 501s
The 502s
The 503
The 55
The 5:55
The 5am Band
The 5eedlings
The 5ive Nuggets
The 5th Dimension
The 5th Veda
The 6
The 6 & 7/8's String Band
The 6 Man
The 618 BandMan
The 69 Cats
The 69 Eyes
The 69 Project
The 6:54s
The 6irds
The 6ixers
The 6th Floor
The 6th Man
The 6ths
The 77 Lifestyle
The 77s
The 7A3
The 7mo
The 7th Avenue
The 7th Year
The 8 Strings
The 8082 Collective
The 80th Action
The 825
The 83rd
The 85 Dreams
The 88
The 89th Key
The 8:48
The 93
The 94
The 94s
The 95 Slide
THE 98
The 98s
THE 99 1/2
The 9th Planet Out
The 9ths
The A Cappella Group
The A Group
The A-Beez
The A-Men
The A-Strings
The A.M. Band
The A.M.s
The A.P.
The A.R
The A.V. Club
The A.Y.U. Quartet
The A61s
The Aaron Choulai Trio