Songteksten van Triumph

24 Hours a Day
A Minor Prelude
A World of Fantasy
Air Raid
All Over Again
All the King's Horses
All the Way
Allied Forces
American Girls
Battle Cry
Be My Lover
Black Sheep
Blinding Light Show/Moonchild
Boy's Night Out
Bringing It on Home
Carry on the Flame
Child of the City
Cool Down
Don't Love Anybody Else But Me
Don't Take My Life
Easy Life
Edge Of Excess
Empty Inside
Epilogue (Resolution)
Fight The Good Fight
Follow Your Heart
Fool for Your Love
Hard Road
Headed for Nowhere
Hold On
Hooked on You
Hot Time (In This City Tonight)
Hot Time in the City Tonight
I Can Survive
I Live for the Weekend
If Only
In the Middle of the Night
In the Night
Into the Forever (Prologue)
Into the Forever (Prologue)
It's Over
Just One Night
Just a Game
Killing Time
Lay It On The Line
Let Me Get Next to You
Let the Light (Shine on Me)
Little Boy Blues
Little Boy Blues
Little Texas Shaker
Long Time Gone
Love In A Minute
Magic Power
Midsummer's Daydream
Mind Games
Movin' On
Nature's Child
Never Say Never
Never Surrender
New York City Streets, Pt. 1
New York City Streets, Pt. 2
New York City Streets, Pt. 2
On and On
Ordinary Man
Overture (Procession)
Overture (Processional)
Overture (Processional)
Petite Etude
Play with the Fire
Prelude: The Waking Dream
Prologue: Into the Forever
Ridin High Again
Rock & Roll Machine
Rock 'N' Roll Machine
Rock Out, Rock On
Rock Out, Rock On
Rock Out, Roll On
Rock You Down
Rock and Roll Machine
Rocky Mountain Way
Running in the Night
Say Goodbye
Somebody's Out There
Somewhere Tonight
Stranger in a Strange Land
Street Fighter
Street Fighter (Reprise)
Suitcase Blues
Take My Heart
Take a Stand
Takes Time
Tear the Roof Off
Tears in the Rain
The City
The City
The Waking Dream (Prelude)
The Waking Dream (Prelude)
Time Canon
Time Goes By
Too Much Thinking
Turn My Back On Love
What Rules My Heart
What's Another Day of Rock & Roll
When the Lights Go Down
Woman in Love
World of Fantasy
World of Fantasy
Writing on the Wall
Young Enough to Cry