Triumph - I can survive

My teacher told me, Boy, you're no good
Just because you don't do what you should
You better shape up, or you're gonna fail.
But I said, I'm leavin', cuz this is a jail.
An' I know what you're thinkin'
But don't pity me, oh no
I'll be better off out on my own
I can survive
I can survive just fine
I can survive
I can survive on my own
They tried to tell me, they tried to sell me
Play music like this, if you want to be smart
But I said, Listen, here's what you're missin'
Music's got to have a heart.
They put me through many changes
Faces and names are clear
But I'll just leave my music
Ringin' louder in their ears
Now you should know just what to do
Don't let other people take advantage of you now
Don't think twice, no don't hesitate
Shoot for the top, you gotta deal with fate
And I know that you'll understand
You got the power, baby, in your hands, yeah


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