Triumph - Somewhere tonight

You may be runnin', tryin' to find your way
Haunted by the memories of yesterday
You may be crying,
You say your dreams have slipped away
But hold on to the promise of another day
And when the nights are long
Girl remember, wait for the stars to shine

Somewhere tonight
There's a lonely girl with a heart that's achin'
Somewhere tonight, she's hanging on
Somewhere tonight
She's still holdin' on to her dreams and waiting
Searching for love, somewhere tonight

Villians and heroes
I've seen 'em rise, I've seem 'em fall
A little bit of both of them, is inside us all
Baby you can't deny it
Your time is gonna come
Send off your dreams in a bottle
And pray to the rising sun
And when the lights go down
Just remember, wait for the stars to shine


Love has the power to make you so high
Love has the power to tear you apart
There comes a time when love brings
A tear to your eye, so don't give it up
Baby don't give it up


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