Triumph - In the middle of the night

Two broken people can never go back
They blame each other for the things that they lack
They have no concept of the danger they´re in
There´s no accounting for the wages of sin

You say that love is holding you down
I watch you walkin´ away
I look for something that could turn this around
There´s nothin´ I can say

in the middle of the night...I´m calling
Can you hear me whisper your name
In the dying of the light...I´m falling
But it feels like the morning may never be coming again
Never again, never again

Under the table, under the gun
Under the influence of what
We´ve become
Heavy consequences for the things that we´ve done
We should have learned to walk before we started to run
whatever happened to the love that we had? I feel it
Slippin´ away
It started good but now it´s ending so bad...look at the
Price we pay


Too many people they walk in their sleep
Steppin´ on the promises that they ought to keep
Anaesthetic people, they dance in a dream, but
Things are never quite as simple as they seem
You´re keepin´ all your secrets inside you
They´re gonna tear you apart
Let me come and lay down beside you
Open up your heart


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