Triumph - Tear the roof off

Everybody, welcome to the show
I gotta message that you oughta know
Stand in the aisles
Stand on the seats
Clap your hands an' stomp your feet
C'mon, girl, let's raise some hell
It's a time to scream and it's time to yell

Let's tear the roof off tonight
Tear the roof off tonight
The fuse is ready to light
Tear the roof off tonight

Hey, listen, if you got the time
I see a lady - she's at least a nine
She's ready to rock, ready to roll
C'mon, girl, let's lose control
Stick with me an' you'll feel all right
As long as you stay for the show tonight


C'mon, baby, shake me up
My head is spinnin' like a top
I got me a rock and roll machine
Let's hear ya shout, hear ya scream
Tell me that you love me like I knew you would
The party here never felt so good


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