Triumph - Killing time

Hangin' out on the corner, he's got no place to go
She sits in an empty bedroom, playin' the radio
Everyday regretting all the things they never tried
Everyday they're dyin' just a little bit more inside

All the lonely people waiting all their lives
They're empty and they're achin', you can see it in their eyes

Time is slippin' away, it's just passin' 'em by
They're wondering why, but it's gone
Gone forever my friend and it won't come again
So don't try to pretend you feel fine
Killing Time, Killing Time

You feel it's now or never - but the words don't seem to come
The fabric of your dreams starts to come undone
You realize it's over before it has begun
You're reaching for something special, but that someone never comes

You're on your own, now, but you're living out a lie
This Killing Time is wasting you, I can see it in your eyes


The time we waste on hate, full of anger and jealousy
At times we act so cruel, all the time your turned on me
All those lonely yesterdays when we were Killing Time
I needed you more than ever, couldn't you see it in my eyes
Time was slippin' away, passin' us by, now I could cry, 'cause it's gone
Gone forever my friend, and it won't come again
It's moved on and left us behind


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