Triumph - I live for the weekend

Makin' my way to the job each day
Slave like a dog for my hard-earned pay
When the bell rings I'm ready to run
Gonna get high, gonna have some fun
I know the boss, he don't think I'm good
Baby I'm just badly misunderstood
Cause you know what I like

I live, I live, I live for the weekend
I live, I live, I live for the weekend

Ya know ya gotta serve
Ya know ya gotta please
My baby puts my mind at ease
Friday comes 'n' I'm thinkin' of you
Cause at five o'clock, they're gonna set me loose
Come on, babe, we're gonna live it up
Don't ya know that
I can't get enough
Of your sweet love


I know, babe, you don't think I'm good
But, you got me badly understood
An' I know what I like



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