Triumph - Woman in love

Get outta here
Leave me alone
An' she slammed the door right in my face
I know I was a little late but
I can't communicate
If romance is a race
So I knocked again
An' marched on in
Said Baby let me state my case.
Lovers can be cruel but I don't wanna.
Why must you act like a prima donna?
She's a woman in love
She's a woman in love
This messin' around is bringing me down
With my woman in love
You say I'm crazy
No good and lazy
But you keep comin' back for more?
If you're after the money, then back off honey
I've been down that road before
So take it or leave it
But baby don't tease it
Your games are such a bore
I don't understand your philosophy
Why must our love be a tragedy?
I don't know which way to turn
Makin' me crazy try to understand
What it means to be a man
Although I seem cruel I'm tryin' the best I can
Sometimes you treat me so low-down dirty
Baby I think we should...
Sit down and talk it over

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