Triumph - Boy's night out

Droolin' like a dog on a Saturday night
I've got a fist full of money
And I'm feelin' alright
Lookin' for trouble like young boys do
I've got a bad reputation and an attitude
Ridin' with the devil
We're tearin' up this town
Hear my motor screaming
Let's put the hammer down

It's the boys night out
Dogs begin to howl
It's the boys night out
The dogs are howlin' tonight

Walkin' on the wild side out of control
We're a hard act to follow
Let the good times roll
Better lock up your daughters
When we knock on your door
You know we love 'em and leave 'em
Begging for more
Hidin' in the alley
Running from the law man's noose
There's a full moon risin'
The boys are on the loose


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