Triumph - 24 hours a day

I tell you sweetly now
Why I can't come to bed
I'm listening to the music
That's playing in my head
While your filled
With sleepy dreams
I'm moving to the sounds
The beat keep driving
In my brain
And the words go
Round and round
I see myself up on the stage
And holding my guitar
And I can't tell
If it's Carnegie Hall
Or just some local bar
But the hands are clapping
And the place is moving
And I feel it in my soul
It's late at night
And I can't sleep
I gotta write some
Rock and roll

It drives me crazy about
Twenty-four hours a day
It's bouncing all around
In my brain
I've just got to play

While the world
Outside is quiet
And the children
Are fast asleep
But here inside
I'm rockin' 'n' rollin'
To a crazy beat
So come on come on come on
Come on boys let's play
Yeah we're gonna do it,
Do it, do it
Twenty-four hours a day

Everybody party
Twenty-four hours a day
Everybody party
Come on boys let's play
Listen baby what I say
Everybody party
Party party every day


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