Triumph - Time goes by

Can't you feel the thunder, rollin' in a young man's heart
Can't you see the frustration it's tearin' him apart
He's got a hunger for power, he wants to have it all
Sometimes he feels like he's bangin' his head up against the wall
Out in the real world living a lie
Can't seem to make the change, but he can't say why
As Time Goes By
Nobody really knows what to say, tomorrow is another day
That seems a million miles away, so far away

Time Goes By, bridges burn and big wheels turn and
Time can fly, will it ever bring you back again?
You know that I can't live without your love
Time Goes By, you know I'll never make it alone
Make it alone

Can't you see the fire burnin' in a young girl's eyes
Does she think that she moves ahead if she cuts me down to size
Everybody's got two cents to try to buy some time
But they don't even know their own hearts
What can they know of mine?
Call out for reasons echoes the cry
She waits, anticipates; no reply as Time Goes By
Oh baby I don't know what to say
Tomorrow is another day
You seem a million miles away, so far away


We all bear witness as history unfolds
Let's hope tomorrow can deliver on the promise that she holds
Don't look back in anger, don't look ahead in fear
You just keep takin' her as she comes until she comes in clear
The love you send out returns to you in time
The wheel gets turned around by those who try
For all their lives


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