Ty dolla $ign - Finale
Overige artiesten: Sa-ra Pj

She said what you smokin' on?
You think I smoke too much
I think you think too much
You're always in a rush
You don't make time for us
These bitches in the way

You don't have to stay
You can go and play
You don't have to stay
You can run and fade away
You don't have to stay
You can go and play
You don't want to stay
You can go and fade away

Just start it up, will you start it up
Start it up girl, give it to me
Oh baby
Let's go, high

Get started, get started, get started baby
We gotta get started, we gotta get started now
We got started and shit, you know
If you wasn't even big as shit at the time, you know
It's cool, though (Yeah)
Yeah, you know long after the game you know
Been doin' it for a second
Same shit kinda get faded and shit

(Can I say Sa-Ra?)

Writers: KHALIL ABDUL-RAHMAN , Sam Barsh , TYRONE WILLIAM GRIFFIN JR , Stephen Bruner , Paris Jones , Om'Mas Keith , TAZ ARNOLD , SHAFIQ HUSAYN

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