Sticky fingaz - Hot now

[Chorus - x2]
Let's get it hot now baby
I keep it gully til I drop dead baby
I told you I ain't got an option baby
I came too far just to stop now baby
But yo yo

[Sticky Fingaz]
Yo we blowin 'em up, holdin 'em up
Swolen 'em up, gang signs throwin 'em up
All these guns don't make me have to open 'em up
I'll open you up, doctors be sewen you up
If you a soldier flags they gon' be foldin 'em up
Every month like PMS, I get the quote of the month
Like I give a fuck, I walk away holdin my nuts
Rollin a dutch, everything that's stolen I touch
Better lace your boots and cock ya fours
And give these niggaz what they askin for
Cause they ain't seen ya face in the streets for a while
Let 'em know you got heat and you puttin it down


[Sticky Fingaz]
A'yo no fuckin around, buckin around
Duckin 'em down, believe me son, shuttin 'em down
If you commercial put yo' ass under the ground
That's why your wife could never be found when I be in town
You probly taste me when you be tonguin her down
Cause I don't listen - she told me not to cum in her mouth
Thuggin her out, love don't live in this house
I'm talkin sex, money, murder ma that's all I'm about
You better grab her by the hair, slap her ass some more
And give these bitches what they askin for
Cause they ain't seen a nigga this live in a while
Let 'em know you go deep when you dickin 'em down


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