Songteksten van Kool G Rap

'Nuff Said
12 King Pimp Commandments
4, 5, 6
40 Island
American Nightmare
Bad to the Bone
Beautiful Music for You to Die to
Black Widow
Blaze Wit Ya'll
Blowin' Up in the World
Brown Sugar
Butcher Shop
Can't Stop the Shine
Check the Bitch
Crime Pays
Da Bosses Lady
Dead Body Disposal
Death Rap
Death Threat
Drama (Bitch *Igga)
Edge of Sanity
Erase Racism
Executioner Style
Fall Back
Fast Life
Fast Life (Remix)
Fight Club
For da Brothaz
Foul Cats
Fuck U Man
Gangsta Gangsta
Get On Your Knees
Ghetto Afterlife
Ghetto Afterlife
Ghetto Knows
Go for Your Guns
Good Die Young
Guns Blazing (Drums of Death Pt. 1)
Holla Back
Home Sweet Home
I Am
I Need Drugs
I'm Sick of You
Ill Figures
Ill Street Blues
Ill Streets Blues
In Too Deep
It's Nothin'
It's a Demo
It's a Shame
Kool Is Back
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
Live and Let Die
Mack Lean
Men at Work
Money on My Brain
My Life
Next Up
No More Mister Nice Guy
No. 1 with a Bullet
On the Run
One Dark Night
Operation CB
Popped Off
Real Niggaz
Return Of The Don
Rhyme Tyme
Rhymes I Express
Rikers Island
Rivers of Blood
Road to the Riches
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
Stick To Ya Gunz
Still Wanted Dead or Alive
Straight Jacket
Streets of New York
Take 'Em to War
Talk Like Sex
Tekilla Sunrise
The Battlefield
The Dogs of War
The Meaning to Your Love
The Meeting (Problems Or Peace)
The Realest (Remix)
The Streets
Thug Chronicles
Thug Money
Thug for Life
Thugs Anthem
Train Robbery
Trilogy of Terror
Truly Yours
Two to the Head
Where You At
Wishful Thinking
Wishful Thinking
Wolves Amongst the Sheep
World Gone Mad