Sticky fingaz - Ghetto
Overige artiesten: Petey pablo

If your head is as big as Shamello's
If your bank is the check cashin' place
If you put on pantyhose instead of shavin' your legs
If you use grease that you used over and over again
If you only go to church on Easter and holidays
Then you ghetto, believe that

Can you be rich and be ghetto? (Yep)
And just cause you poor do that mean that you ghetto? (Nope)
So people don't understand what it mean to be ghetto
And if you gonna ask then you probably never know

Bein' ghetto, it's just the things we do sometimes
Like hangin' your clothes on the oven to dry
But you late, you gotta go and they ain't ready yet
(You put 'em on anyway, and rock 'em halfway wet)
First you wear then return everything you buy
Always lookin' for a discount 'til the day you die
Got three kids, by three different guys
(And all they need to give you is a Mai Tai and a shot)
You know you ghetto when you use a wrench for a channel changer
No antenna, you gotta use a metal hanger
Drink from the container and put it back in the fridge
(Knowin' damn well the shit was wrong you did)
Put salt on your food, before you even taste it
Get a doggy bag, ghetto niggaz ain't wastin' shit
You know you ghetto, no, you know you grimy
(When you iron dirty pants 'til them shits get shiny)

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

The ghetto's not a place, it don't matter what color you are
You can be white as chalk or as black as tar
And it really don't matter how much money you have
(You can live on Fifth Ave. and be ghetto fab)
You know you ghetto when your soap is the size of Chiclet
Run into the kitchen wet for dishwashin' liquid
The water cold cause they shut off all your power
(You know you ghetto if you pee in the shower)
No toilet paper, somebody used the last you had
No problem, just get a Daily News or a paper bag
Ball it up and crumble it, make it soft in your ass
(But when you flush, the toilet always gets stopped up)
And if you got the money, the landlord never get it
We never pay the rent, yo we almost got evicted
If this shit is funny or offendin' you
(Chances are, it's because you're ghetto too)

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

Can you be rich and be ghetto [Repeat x3]
And if you gotta ask then you'll probably never know
East Coast is the ghetto
West Coast is the ghetto
South Side is the ghetto
Everywhere is the ghetto
The ghetto
The ghetto
The ghetto
I'll probably die, in the ghetto

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