Slick rick - From ruthless 2 death row (do we all part)
Overige artiesten: The d.o.c.

That's fucked up, yeah.


The new world

I'd like to make a small dedication tonight to the bitches of the world
Now to make this understood, I'm gonna explain somethin' to you
Check this out
To be a bitch, you don't necessarily have to have a pussy in your pants
(True indeed, true indeed)
In fact
Most, if not all, of the bitches I know (That's right)
Have little peckers, little dicks

A bitch ain't nothin'
But a muthafucka that wanna come up
From another muthafucka
Hard work
Don't make no sense to these muthafuckas
Dumb ass muthafuckas
Now to make it real clear I'm gonna explain it to ya in a story form
Like this here
Check this out

I remember the way it started
Once upon a time
When a nigga named Dre came, nigga got signed
Ruthless nigga, everything is all good
You the shit, 'cause you rollin' wit' some Boyz-N-the-Hood
No One Can Do it Better, see, 'cause I'm an M-D
And when I fuck it up, you give me 25 G's
Eazy-E said, "Yeah, oh yeah!"
So I took it
Forget the paperwork
The money made me overlook it

I rose up quick from the pit I was in
450 0300 Benz
Nothin' but ends, money bought friends
Got me in a cross ?
Now everything's lost
This is when I found out
"Look at this shit!"
You is slippin'
You ain't gonna believe what that nigga did
"My shit fucked up, Dre, you need to look"
"I ain't trippin', yo, I think your little homie, he a crook"

The spot got shook, it was hell below
Is that the future shock?
Hell, no, it's Death Row
I was all in because of the begin
Think they would see
Yo, we all gon' win
So "The Chronic" was upon us, the music awards
But I was still broke at the crib when they toured
The album soared and I got bored
With niggas talkin' shit, they came upon a ?

Ain't that a bitch?

I coulda been the star dude
Or maybe I shoulda stabbed out like Ice Cube
But what about your Dogg?
Who? Snoop? We was tight
I hung around, we'd get together when he'd write
In the Pound, that's the way it come to ?
When it's goin' down, niggas is in whatever
I went outside for a minute and came back
Niggas was talkin' crazy like they wanted me to rap
So I did somethin' from the old LP
"Damn! That's that shit!"
"That's what a nigga want to see"

Visit the Windy City and ?
Rock over 17,000 G's
I recognized game
The shit was kinda funny
Fucked-up voice shit, nigga make money
He came back and here comes the glory
And this is the way I'm gonna end this story

I was only 19
Lookin' for a dream
From what I put out
I never got a fuckin' thing
This and the wreck was the fucked-up part
It's just a little somethin' about some real heart

From Ruthless to Death Row do we all part
Bitches, see ya
Trick-ass, trick-ass bitch


(Once upon a time not long ago)
(A brother tried to play me like a kid, so I just dissed him)

(It's like a message that only I can understand)

(Keepin' it dope as long as I can rock a mansion)
(Remember this forever!)

People in the house, I'm gonna let 'em know
I'm gonna let 'em know, my nigga

Comin' with the B-O-M-B

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