Royce da 5'9" - I ain't coming down

I'm flowing away without leaving the ground ground
They're asking me what's it like up there
I tell 'em I ain't coming down
I'm tryna stay up and I don't wanna touch down down
They asking me what's it like up there
I tell em I ain't coming down
No no I ain't coming down, no no I ain't coming down
No no I ain't coming down, I ain't coming down

Now that my visions more clearer this is for hate on Royce in Detroit era
I know y'all had a good time but that was your time
But that was your era, now look at you and look at me, compare us
You can do it easily, the same way Royce was looking stupid on that Beef DVD
Shout up my niggas D tweezy, I'll admit when I was wrong
I remember thinkin' I should prolly' hit my nigga Vaughan
You talking shit about me at your barbershop, you obviously politicking wrong
Niggas need to stop PMS'ing,
I hope y'all barber give y'all ass the same hairline as me and DMX's
I went from wishin' Trick Trick was gone,
From pickin' which bitch to wishin' I could TwitPic my home
And as far as my nigga Trick, before we was bothers
I think we really just needed to get to know each other, I'm up


I gotta say the shit one time
When have you even known me to get in the way of one's grind
'Cause even when that dot cloud hovered above me
I went from signed to unsigned, and I found my own sunshine
Now let me say this shit one more time
When have you ever known me to get in the way of your grind
Can you find one hip hop listener around the globe
Who don't know that Nickle Nine is from Motown?
These cats say "he's whack", "he ain't even from the D so why he got that D tat?"
Then they friends run to me like "my friends saw you cypherin' on BET
But he ain't like it cause you ain't have on no D hat"
Make up your mind you whinnin' niggaz
Ryan done been at schools to talk
Bought shoes for shorties, bought coats for the kids
While you niggaz choose to floss, and y'all wanna nail who to the cross?
Y'all niggaz soft! I'm up!


Writers: ALAN MAMAN , Dennis Stehr , R Montgomery

Lyrics © BMG Rights Management , Warner Chappell Music , Inc. , Downtown Music Publishing

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