Mystikal - There he go
Overige artiesten: Guillotine

featuring Guillotine

Whatcha gone do Whatcha gone do nigga huh?

There He Go There He Go There He Go



If you gone be down be down stay down

get the fuck from round me.

Nigga let me know if you got some type of fuckin' problem

we can solve it wash it up and dissolve it

Up the pistol lay it down on the carpet.

I ain't come here for no fuckery don't fuck with me

Niggaz sly be ducking like PAC cause I'm a hoodlum like Skull Duggery

You can't get enough of me

Don't worry bout the pain bitch cause you gone die sudden

They be playin TAPS for yo ass at reveille

You ain't gone need no "do not disturb" cause you gone sleep heavenly.

I'm reminess bout my baby, then I wipe my tear.

Plottin revenge on one of these bitch ass nigga out chea.

I done lost it; I done surpassed mad

I can't keep still cause my nerves are bad.

I punch the brick wall with my balled up fist

I know I can't rest till I CATCH THAT BITCH!!!

There He Go, There He Go, There He Go



There He Go, There He Go Wit his ol' lady

deck out hands down back turned like its all gravy.

Why nigga now BYE BYE nigga took a long

but i got that nigga fine.

And y'all gon have to forgive me.

This Nigga here can cancel New Years

cause he ain't even much gone live to see Christmas.

Wrong! Wrong!!

Nigga get yah issue.

I was beatin up his kidney with this motherfuckin 50.

A job well done make dick get hard.

I bagged that bitch with the pistol then I walked the fuck off.

Huh. What goes around comes around my nigga.

So why I'm still here I'mma hold down my nigga.

This for the Gangstas and Killas, Drug Dealers and Wig Splitters.

This for my niggas Locked down and all the niggas that feel us.

This for the Projects and Ghettos with the scatter sight.

And every street nigga that's duckin' them flash lights.

There He Go, There He Go, There He Go



Hum yah ahh this Guilotine bitch.

Father Foolishness I'm still here what about yo self?

You still runnin' nigga. Cause we lookin for yah.

Bitch you must believe that a nigga lookin' for yah.

So keep Runnin, cause we still comin' as long as you runnin'

We gone make money so fuck everything you stand for nigga.

Father foolishness.


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