Songteksten van Silkk The Shocker

1 Morning
After Dollars No Cents
Ain't No Limit
Ain't Nothing
Ain't Nut'in Personal
All Night
Back On Top
Black and White
Born 2 Be A Soldier
Bounce Dat Azz
Bounce That Azz
Bounce to This
Bout Dat
Bout That Drama
Call Me When You Need Some
Captain Kirk
D.O.G.'s Get Lonely 2
End of the Road
Eyes On Your Enemies
For Money
Forgive Me
Free Loaders
Fuck tha World
Gangsta Ride
Gangstas Need Love
Get It Up
Ghetto 211
Ghetto D
Ghetto Rain
Ghetto Symphony
Ghetto Tears
Give Me The World
Goodbye To My Homies
Hey You
Hoody Hood
Hook It Up
Horse & Carriage
Hot Boys And Girls
How G's Ride
How Many...
How We Mobb
I Ain't Takin No Shorts
I Always Feel Like
I Miss My Homies
I Represent
I Want to Be With You
I'm Yo Soldier
If I Don't Gotta
If My 9 Could Talk
If You Real, Keep It Real
It Ain't My Fault
It's Time To Ride
Just Do It
Let Me Hit It
Let's Get Em
Let's Go Do It
Let's Ride
Life Ain't Cool
Live or Die
Make 'Em Say Ugh
Make Em Say Uhh #2
Make'm Bleed
Mama Always Told Me
Me And You
Movin' On
Mr Ice Cream Man
Mr. '99
My Car
No Limit
No Limit Soldiers II
Nobody Moves
Only a Few
Playa From Around The Way
Pop Lockin'
Prayer for a G
Pure Uncut
Return of Da Don
Rip Kevin
Soldiers, Riders, And G's
Somebody Like Me
Southside Niggas
Stop Hatin
Taco Bell
Take My Pain
Tell Me
That Ain't Nothing
That's Cool
The Day I Was Made
The Ghetto's Got Me Trapped
The One
The Shocker
The Tank Goes On
Throw Yo Hood Up
Thug 'N' Me
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