Mystikal - Southern comfort (on & on)
Overige artiesten: Big mike

featuring Mystikal

It goes on and on


So that's how it's goin down, my nigga?

{Big Mike:}

Yeah, it's happenin like that, loc


That nigga Big Mike

{Big Mike:}

That nigga Mystikal


Layin it down for the 19nigga6

{Big Mike:}

Playin with cake for the 19nigga7

Fo sho


Big daddy style

{Big Mike:}

Now come and get a glimpse of this Uptown pimp

Who be havin a hard-on for this championship like Shawn Kemp

I got these women ballin, shrimp and crawfish by the Lake Front

Five gallons of D'Acquery, grilled steaks and blunts

Now women, you can state what you want and fellas, you can state what you need

But I'm always gee'd keyed with a bag of weed

Yes indeedy, I'm the player with the ball in hand

Got em ballin, man, darling I know you understand

Now it ain't hard, nep, but you damn sure better watch your step

Platinum and gold, these hoes know my fuckin rep

Slept for a year, kickin it back, takin it easy

Now I'm back with the skills and the real flock to see me

Now be me, be me, many a nigga tried to imitate this style

Couldn't do i,t had to go home and practise for a little while

Longer, stronger back in '97 and '98 I'm droppin hits

Partner, stay off my dick, now quit

Tryin to portray the type of nigga you can never be

(Shit, Big Mike the dopest nigga you will ever see)

Get down for my crown, partner, what you say?

Big Mike and Mystikal, in December just like May


Shit, I was born and raised in New Orleans

I grew up on second lining and gumbo, red beans

Canal Street, river-boardin

Everybody ???, now I be talkin

Pointin gats like they do in the movies

Every night nigga made the news

Wearin a polo shirt and Bally shoes

'Stik can remember when them niggas went for hard

They would climb up they bars and so-called represent they Ward

When you get to the club it's gon' be some shit-startin

And some shoulder-bumpin, steppin on toes, bitch, I beg your pardon

If you're a buster, then you're bust-up

If you're a sucker, you're gettin sucked up, tough luck

Stand up like a man and hold your own is the only motto

Cause all that gettin-fucked-all-over-shit played out with lotto

Fuckin erase and ease off the throttle

Before I bust you in your shit with this King Cobra bottle

Make the bitch respect Michael Tyler

Lord know a nigga don't want to, but all you muthafuckas gotta

Not wantin the Gucci's, tellin time through Movado

I don't sell no powder, but I'm stackin g's in my closet

Uptown niggas livin foul and

Westbank niggas gettin clicked out, Downtown niggas gettin violent

I'd probably be dead or locked down if it wasn't for rappin

Cause where I'm from niggas ain't havin fun unless they scrappin

Goin to war brawlin

Bitch, don't get mad with me, that's how it is in New Orleans

Bitch it goes on

It goes on right here

It goes right here in New Orleans

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